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Needless to talk about the importance of digital presence today.  When the whole world is going online, it is imperative that every business has an online presence.  But, here comes the actual problem. Today, a new website comes online every 5 minutes; there are over a billion websites with trillions of web pages over the internet. Just putting up your business online is not going to cut through the enormous clutter that has been created since the advent of internet. Here is where you need a specialist who can:

  1. Understand your business, business needs & your target audience
  2. Structure your online business that connects with your audience and search engines
  3. Come up with a strategic plan that can improve the visibility of your business
  4. Navigate your online business way ahead of the crowd.

proseo comprises of highly experienced and talented individuals who have already worked across multiple business verticals and can look at your online business through the eyes of your users and search engines.

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Want to be more visible in search?

    Digital Marketing Services

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    1. Website Audit
    2. Usability Analysis and Improvement
    3. Analysing User Analytics and understanding users’ behaviour
    4. Website Optimization (On Page & Off page)
    5. Business Places Optimization

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    1. Pay Per Click Campaigns (Google Adwords, Display Banners, eCommerce Marketing, ReMarketing, Bing Ads)
    2. Video Advertising (Youtube)

    Content Services

    “Content is the King” – Though some call it “The biggest lie ever told”, our experience is enough proof that sites with relevant content (to user) perform better than others. There are simple yet important questions that one must ask when getting content done. One of them being – How do I prove it to the machines that my content is credible?

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    1. Promoting a business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
    2. Running Ad Campaigns on social media platforms
    3. Optimizing campaigns based on the previous performance.

    UI/UX design & development

    Design or redesign, every element that goes on to the website should be pixel perfect and must have a purpose which can be aesthetic, usability, readability and/or branding.

    Our aim is to deliver a website that is more usable, understandable, search engine friendly and a site that can deliver.

    eCommerce Site design & development

    As the world moves towards e-shopping and e-payments, every business today needs an online store. You surely need an expert in designing your eCommerce store. An easy to use and check out store alone can convert maximum of your prospects to customers.

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