Missing your recent google reviews? They will start appearing soon

From mid march, Google paused publication of reviews, replies to reviews, question and answer posts for Google My Business locations. We think it might be because of Covid-19 issue as many companies asked their employees to work from home .  Then in the begining of April, few businesses started seeing their new reviews, pictures appearing as Google started clearing their backlogs.

Currently, the pace has picked up and the GMP support team is working at their best to clear the backlogged tasks, many businesses will start seeing the changes happening to their business places on Google. It may take few weeks for some businesses to a couple of months for others but eventually all the backlogs will be cleared.

As per one spokes person at Google, Search Engine Land was told “We’re now publishing user reviews and photos in all countries and the vast majority of business categories to help people get helpful up to date information about the places around them. We expect to publish a growing number of user contributions as time progresses”.

Though Google has been working at lower than usual capacity, we at proseo never stopped working at our full potential. We have been continuing our Search Engine Optimization works as planned along with reveiw generation strategies for our clients.

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